Zipporah Wamaitha


Latest update

Nov 10, 2016

Zipporah has been unwell from HIV. The widows are talking to her about taking medication which would improve her health.


Zipporah is thankful to God for her life, her children, and for God’s provision.


Zipporah has been blessed with four children, three of whom still stay with her. Her husband left her 4 acres of land, but since his death Zipporah has had especially challenging problems with her mother-in-law.

Just before her husband died, his mother took him to her house when he was still bedridden and did not allow Zipporah near him. Since then, her mother-in-law has been denying Zipporah access to her land during planting season and insulting her often at her doorstep in the early morning.

Recently, her mother-in-law recently sold Zipporah’s inherited land and Zipporah is now residing within the little space on which her house has been erected. She has taken the matter to court, and she is requesting women around the world pray with her, that her mother-in-law does not throw her children out of their house.

Zipporah is thankful for her water tank since she harvests rain water and uses it whenever they need water for their household. Her cow has given birth four times since 2007 when it was gifted to her. Currently she has one cow. She says two of her cows were found dead after she left her house to do errands, and she suspects they were fed poisonous herbs.

Zipporah is working by tilling people’s land for wages. She is currently busy because many farms needed to be replanted with new crops.

Prayer alert: Zipporah has been unwell recently.  The widows are talking to her about taking medication which would improve her health.