Teresia Nyambura

Teresia separated from her husband after he abandoned his family and went to live with a another woman. She was left to care for their eight children, one of whom is disabled. She saved to buy land and took out a loan to build a small home, and paid for it with milk money.

Teresia works from home and continues to care for her adult daughter Peninah, who needs assistance much of the time. She is able to do cattle farming by taking care of cows and milking them for money.

In 2015, h.o.w? Ministry bought 4 windows to help Teresia finish her home. After saving to buy land, then taking a loan to build a house for her family, Teresia paid back her loan in full.

Without windows, openings must be covered with mud, boards or cloth that block needed light.

Prayer alert: Teresia is doing well but recovering from a bad fall and injury to her hand.

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