Serah Wangari Munga


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May 16, 2019

Serah owns a small shop selling home and food items. She takes turns operating the shop with her daughter Jane, who just finished school.

Serah lives in a 4-room house with her husband and now three daughters. Her son Hiram just finished high school and has been helping at home with the sheep, cattle, and chicken sheds. He has a small 1-room house on Serah’s compound where he sleeps because boys at his age cannot stay in the same house as their parents.

Serah has two younger children who are still in primary school.

Although Serah is healthy, she is surrounded by sick people, her mother Mary Gatundu, her daughter Mary Muthoni, and her grandson Sammy, who has special needs.


Serah is thankful for her sheep. When she was gifted, her sheep was 7 months pregnant and two months later her sheep gave birth. She gave her first offspring to be gifted out to another widow or another cause.

Her sheep is already pregnant with a second lamb, and she is glad that her gift will multiply in the years to come.

Serah runs her shop business and farms animals and crops. She is also a milk collector and currently earns ksh.2 per litre of milk that she collects.


Serah is married and lives with her five children and a grandchild, Sammy, who is severely disabled. Serah joined the group when her son was ill with heart problems. He succumbed before he could receive a transplant.

Her husband is suffering from a heart condition that has weakened him and he is unable to provide for his family. This leaves Serah to look after the whole family.

Serah is doing well, although she battles asthma. She has recently been involved in securing a job with the milk depot to collect milk on their behalf and the lorries that pick them from her home.

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