Rose Waithera Ndung’u


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May 16, 2019

Rose lives with her son Joseph in their home, which they have continuously made to look beautiful. During the recent drought, Rose had planted different types of vegetables that she was selling to her neighbors. The money helped them to get by, along with some maize flour she would buy to make a meal as a family. Rose’s son is in his final year in primary school and will sit for his final exams in November 2019. After his national exams, he will be joining high school next year.


Rose is thankful for so many things in her life. She is most excited that her sheep, which she had suspected would be barren the whole of last year, surprised her two weeks ago after she noticed that it was struggling and she went to see what was happening only to find that it was giving birth. She assisted her sheep, and she now has a playful new male lamb that keeps all of them restless because of it being so energetic.

Rose is thankful for her home that h.o.w Ministry helped build for her, and now she stays with her son knowing that she owns her home and can grow crops . Hopefully her sheep will multiply and she will be able to care for them at her home.

Rose has three daughters as well, and she recently invited her in-laws from one of her daughters to visit her home. She says this is a great gift since it was such a struggle for her to host anyone in rented houses or while living in someone else's home.


Rose has three girls and one boy. Her husband died more than 15 years ago. All her girls are married and living with their husbands in a different town.

Rose moved to Kinangop in 2008 from Eldoret. When political violence broke out there she was attacked in her house being from a different tribe and so she fled to save her life and her son’s life. She is thankful that in her arrival the h.o.w? widows welcomed her in the community and into the group.

Rose used to own a secondhand clothing shop in Eldoret. She says she would have a better standard of living if it were not for losing everything in the violence.

In 2015, donors surprised us with funds to provide Rose with a new home on land next to Mary, for whom she serves as caregiver.

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