Peninah Wanjiru


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May 16, 2019

Peninah’s health has improved so much. She is able to walk and stand for a longer time than she did before. She says that she is able to take her own bath and has kept herself clean. She feels much better when she observes hygiene. Peninah also ensures that her house is well ventilated. Peninah is able to assist her mother with cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, and serving her young siblings.

She is still taking her medications as well.


Peninah says that her health has greatly improved since she attended the h.o.w? Ministry's Arise Conference when a speaker talk about healthy living and keeping good hygiene by taking a bath at least once a day, ensuring that utensils and undergarments dry well, and keeping the rooms well ventilated.

She is thankful for her sheep. Her lamb is now 2 months old. Her sheep was sheered 2 weeks ago and the wool taken to the h.o.w? Women's Empowerment Center. She says her sheep will multiply and become many, and she loves being a sheep farmer.


Peninah is quiet and shy. She has a very warm, endearing smile. Her spirit is soft and kind. She is skilled at knitting and crochet.

An original member of the h.o.w? group, Peninah is the adult daughter of Teresia. She has been ill for a long time. She suffers from epilepsy and also had surgery on her legs. Metal rods were inserted to make them stronger, but she has never fully recovered. She is sometimes unable to walk or support her weight on her legs.

Peninah is doing well and is able to assist her mom and family around the home. She in charge of housekeeping in her home. She says that she enjoys cleaning the utensils and sweeping the compound.

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