Mary Muthoni Munga

Mary is an accomplished and sought-after seamstress and is the primary provider for her autistic and severely disabled son, Sammy.

She married at the age of 16, became pregnant and bore a healthy baby named Samuel. Sammy developed a regressive condition that was noticeable to them, so they took him to local clinics where he was treated for a different condition and was administered malaria and pneumonia drugs. Serah Wangare, Mary’s mother, asks the h.o.w? women to be prayerful about her grandson’s condition. Michelle volunteered to cater for Mary and Sammy’s transport and hospital consultation fees in Nairobi in order for the condition to be medically diagnosed.

Mary is thankful that at the moment she joined h.o.w? she was given a sewing machine, which she has been using to mend people’s clothes and earn cash. Mary is able to take Sammy to his therapy with the money she earns. She has also helped two other young h.o.w? women learn to sew.

Mary would like to have a sewing shop and sell sewing notions such as needles, zippers, cloth and material.

Prayer alert: Mary has been stressed about Sammy. She shares that she has been to the hospital so many times that they are practically living in it. Sammy reacted to some medications and has had inflammation that has widely spread in his mouth and is giving him discomfort. Mary has moved closer to the Njambini hospital so that she can take Sammy for physiotherapy sessions up to four times a week.

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