Margret Wairimu Thuo


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May 16, 2019

Margret lost her daughter, Teresia, 38, in November of 2018. Teresia left two daughters in Margret's care. The girls are 16 and 19 years old. Sarah, one of Margret’s granddaughters, studies at Tumiani high school under full scholarship from Cumberland Community Church.

Margret’s daughter had been separated from her husband and she had been living in Gilgil and working at a restaurant. Teresia was anemic and by the time her mum was sent to collect her from her rented house in Gilgil, she had been bedridden for two weeks. Margret used most of her resources to take her very ill daughter to a hospital in Kinangop, but she lived for only a week before she succumbed.

Teresia is buried in Margret's home compound.


Margret is thankful that through h.o.w? Ministry she acquired the parcel of land where she has now buried her daughter; the granddaughters are also relieved they can visit their mother's grave and plant flowers.

Margret is also thankful for the sheep which gave birth and the beautiful lamb is 6 months now and can be collected and gifted to another widow. She is currently shearing her sheep and carding the wool at the h.o.w? Ministry Women's Empowerment Center. She hopes to learn more about the wool and learn how to get great quality for the wool.

Through the trainings she has acquired from the conferences, Margret says that she is able to make quality baskets whenever she is not working in her farm. She is currently planting fruit trees and herbs in her compound so that her granddaughters will get to enjoy the fruits.


Margret separated from her husband 30 years ago. She has three children and 10 grandchildren.

Margret has been blessed by a water tank, a cow that has given birth numerous times and currently owns three cows. She is also one of the widows who obtained land and a house through a team member traveling with h.o.w? She is peaceful and thankful to God for the love he has shown her through other people.

Margret is doing well and is healthy. She planted potatoes on her farm after all the maize that she had planted withered from the frost that greatly affected the Kinangop region.

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