Josephine Nyambura Kimemia

Josephine has five children and three grandchildren. She suffered a stroke a few years ago not long after one of her sons gave out her h.o.w? water tank and cow as collateral for a loan, then defaulted. In 2014 we surprised her with a new water tank and cow.

Josphine previously owned a shop where she sold dry cereals such as rice and beans. She is hopeful that she will one day own such a shop again as a business.

Josephine was divorced from her husband 45 years ago after he brought in a second wife without her knowledge. She returned to her father’s home, and there she was well received and given 2 acres on which to live. She was also given a title deed for the land.

Prayer alert: Josephine has suffered a setback, and she is unable to feel or use one of her hands.


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