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May 16, 2019

Jane lives in her father’s inherited land where she neighbors her brothers. She takes care of her grandson, who belongs to her son. Jane’s home is beautiful, she owns a 3-bedroom house with a kitchen. Her farm is subdivided into several parts that helps her in feeding of her animals. She grazes the animals in parts to allow for grass to grow in the others through rotational grazing. Her compound is well fenced, with a beautiful gate at her front entrance. Jane farms chicken, sheep, a cow, and crops.


Jane is thankful for her sheep. Her lamb is now 8 months and is pregnant again. She is thankful that she is now learning the interesting skill of sheering a sheep and carding the wool. She has learned much from the trainings at the h.o.w? Ministry Arise Women's Conferences, such as saving money, quality assurance for the items made like baskets, nutrition, and ensuring the women eat a balanced diet, as well as trainings done at the h.o.w? Ministry Women's Empowerment Center, where she has learned basketweaving, sheep shearing, wool carding, and weaving.


Divorced with three children, Jane has tilled land, sold firewood, washed clothes and beaded jewelry to provide for her family’s basic needs but is now earning money from dairy farming. She says that she is happy that it is paying off. She earns income from selling milk.

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