Hannah Njeri Kanja


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May 16, 2019

Hannah lives in a 2-room timber house with her youngest sons, one in primary school and another in his 3rd year in high school. During a 4-month drought, she was able to raise some vegetables through irrigation in her kitchen farm. Most of the women came to her home to ask for some vegetables for their families, and she gave them for free so they can feed their families.


Hannah is thankful for the sheep that was gifted to her one year ago. Her sons are busy taking them for grazing and feeding them so they can multiply and each can have their own to take care of. She gave out a female lamb that is now 4 months old after it was old enough to be separated from its mother sheep. She prays that the person that would be gifted the lamb will be blessed as much as she has been in the past year.She is grateful for the gift and sponsors that thought of her, and how the sheep will bless her with wool and give birth to many more.


Hannah has three children, two boys and one girl. She was widowed in 2005 by AIDS. Her husband had become very sick but she never suspected that he had HIV.

During an illness, the whole community came together to build her a new house, and she had a reason to live and take care of her family.

Hannah scored very highly in her high school diploma.

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