Grace Wanjiru Mwangi

Grace was a niece to a deceased widow, Veronicah. She has taken in and is now caring for two of Veronicah’s granddaughters after she passed away over Easter 2013. We are thankful to Grace for adopting the girls.

Grace was divorced in 1996 when her husband took in a second wife. She returned to her father’s land and was given a small place to settle in.

She is among the fastest ladies who make jewelry and often helps the other women when they learn new styles. With the money she earns she pays school fees and buys food.

Grace and her family are doing well. They have been busy planting the third and last season this year of crops in the farm. Grace and her daughters are healthy, and she is excited that her grandchild has started walking. Grace is also hopeful that her girls will put up a tailoring business and start earning from it.

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