Grace Njeri Kimemia

Grace is a widow who cares for her three grandchildren, whom she was left with after the death of her sons. She believes God has a reason for every circumstance.

One of her grandsons is being sponsored at Tumaini School, and the other two study at a public school which is free in the country but their books and uniforms must be paid for by a parent or guardian.

Grace believes that h.o.w? is God’s way to communicate his presence in the lives of other widows, because it involves giving the widows a means of livelihood through labour. She says that when the teams come to visit them and see the way they live, it brings her joy to know that God can send other women and their families just to come and be friends with them.

She has recently planted new crops for her farm. She and her grandson were well prepared for the planting season. They enjoy taking care of their cattle because they earn from the milk they sell to the dairy depot.

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