Anne Nyambura Michael

Anne Michael was the youngest widow at h.o.w? (now remarried). She is uneducated and has been nurtured by the widows. She occasionally offers to bead for the older ladies in turn as they help her in caring for her young children during the times when she tills other peoples’ land.

Anne also has volunteered to clean and assist other widows during planting season, especially to Hannah Kanja whose health has been deteriorating. She ensures to give her children a balanced diet when she earns from h.o.w? Jewelry. She says that when she gets to work in making jewelry her children always know that their diet changes that week and she is grateful for this. She also buys her children clothes and books whenever she gets paid from jewelry making.

Anne lives with her husband and three children in her late in-laws’ home. They have built their home at their inherited land and are both working in manual jobs to support their family. Their children all go to school and need to have their school and home needs met.

Prayer alert: Anne is recovering after recently losing a baby girl in her sixth month of pregnancy through treatment necessary to save her life. Her children have returned to school and she is happy that she had them for the holidays.

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