Updates: Monica, Elishifa, Milkah, Mary, Sammy

Please join us in welcoming new members to the women of  h.o.w? Ministry: Monica and Elisihfa. We also have some updates about Sammy, Milkah, and Mary from our in-country coordinator Keziah Murugi:


Monica Waithera

Monica studied up to class eight then started working as a house helper in Nairobi. After four years of employment she got married and had two children: a girl who is about 13 and a boy who is about 11. Both currently live with their dad.

Monica suffered postpartum depression after the birth of her children and eventually ran off to live in the streets of Olkalao. It was then that a well wisher contacted Emmah, a member of the h.o.w? widows group, who is her cousin, and told her about Monica's street life. Emmah felt that Monica needed to see a doctor and have a diagnosis of her condition.

Monica has improved much with medication. Her condition is not yet better but she has come a long way.


Elishifa Njoki

Elishifa was married and has a son. She struggles with depression and has been ill on and off, but now has medication that is helping her feel well enough to care for herself and her son.

She currently lives in her deceased parents' house near her brother. She is a Christian and most of her time she volunteers to serve in the church or reads the bible.



Milkah is doing well. Her daughter Taylor performed well in school and she will be joining  primary school next January. Milkah is still living in a rented house and doing repairs with her sewing machine.

She says that God has been good to her and now she is happy providing for her daughter. She still doesn’t know what she will be doing at Christmas but most likely she will be celebrating with her mom, Beatrice, and her siblings.


Mary Wangare Njoroge

Mary is doing much better. She is able to walk around. She says that Rose has been such a blessing as a neighbor to her because she has been able to be with her more. She said that she is taking her medications now and she feels strong. (Mary was blinded from the effects of HIV. Rose serves as her caretaker and now lives next door.)


Sammy has been sickly this year. He has been in and out of the hospitals with a cold, flu, pneumonia, and other infections.

His mother, Mary, lives near the hospital as she has to be persistent with Sammy seeing a doctor often so as to control any illnesses that affect him. Sammy also has been going to his physiotherapy appointments as directed by doctors .


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