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Checkups for Kimani, strategy with Keziah, donations for Tumaini

h.o.w? President Michelle Outman is in Kenya this month working on strategy for the coming year with our in-country coordinator Keziah Murugi Kariuki and planning our second women’s conference that will take place in January, but two other important missions have also become the focus of her attention: Our efforts to help improve the health a child who resides at Children’s Garden, and the other the delivery of more than 100 pounds of donations following a fire that destroyed a dormitory and classrooms at Tumaini Children’s Home and School near the rural high country plateau area of Kinangop where our widows reside.

Little Kimani is almost 5 years old but weighs only about 19 pounds and is the size of a small 1-year-old toddler. He has suffered from continuous ear infections and malnutrition despite ongoing efforts to boost his diet and provide him with ear medication. Michelle and Keziah took charge of him for the week to take him to checkups and get new medicine.

Michelle’s updates follow:

Oct. 23, 2015 –  Today was a good day. We took Kimani back to the pediatrician who saw him June 2014 when his ear infection was horrific. Dr. Andrew took his time again today and checked Kimani. He has another ear infection both ears and reported, “the ear drum is destroyed.” He took more history and noted Kimani’s ears have been infected every month this year. He contracted Malaria in May. And despite having a good appetite he is 30″ tall and weighs 19 lbs. He is 4.5 years old.

12105874_920372267998488_8106947405368733589_nI’m keeping him with me for a few days. He had several blood tests run today and a stool and urine test. Dr Andrew gave a prescription for antibiotics and did not charge us for the visit.

He also called his former classmate and colleague ENT, whom we will see tomorrow. Praise God!

Prayer warriors we need your prayers for Kimani. We are trying to get all proper documentation to obtain his passport and visa for travel to USA for medical treatment. We lack one document and are supposed to meet with his maternal grandmother on Sunday to get it. Please pray that this happens.

Please pray for Kimani’s healing, physical, emotional and spiritual.

I am sad to report he has suffered hearing loss. I do not know the extent.

Pray for God’s will ultimately to prevail. I’m trusting in the King of Kings and His Sovereign plans. Jeremiah 29:11

Oct. 24, 2015 – Today we saw the ENT. He described Kimani’s ear infection as a chronic wound. He gave us ear drops, saline nasal drops and instructed us on properly cleaning the puss from his ears minimum 4 times a day.

Dr. Andrew called us back to see him after the ENT appointment to go over yesterday’s blood, urine and stool test results. Good news, all blood work looks good and urine test are ok. The stool test confirmed tapeworms. Could be why he is constantly hungry but not growing. So we dewormed him with medication. Tapeworms usually come from eating dirt. So it’s very likely as he was starving before he came to Children’s Garden, and that is what he and his siblings did to eat.

We picked up the Kariuki beauties and decided to do the equivalent of Disneyland in Nairobi. The kids had so much fun. Then pizza and ice cream for dinner. It was so fun.

Got back to our guest house and gave Kimani his shower followed by covering his body in a prescription lotion to get rid of scabies. No, I’m not kidding. It must burn horribly because he just looked at me and cried for 20 minutes. Then I had the privilege of putting saline drops in his nose, cleaning his ears and putting in his eardrops and finally giving him his oral antibiotic.

12049232_920372064665175_9202788958404850839_nI’m pretty sure I’m not on his friend list right now, and I think I’m glad I don’t speak Swahili. I really don’t want to know what he was yelling/crying at me.

Today had its ups and downs. We are thankful for the physicians who have taken great care of Kimani here and did not charge us for office visits and said the follow up visits will be pro bono as well. We just had to pay for Kimani’s medications and lab test.

I will continue to keep him with me until Nov. 1 and then my dear friend/ministry partner Keziah Murugi has offered to keep him with her at their house for 3 weeks to ensure he gets the needed attention and medical care he needs and the followup doctor visits.

God is good. He is providing and we are truly thankful. Did not see this on the trip agenda but am so thankful to be here to help in His healing process.

Tomorrow we travel to Tumaini, in Kinangop, for a fundraiser for the boys’ dorm and classroom that burned. Will post photos of delivery of donations.

Oct. 25, 2015 – We attended the Tumaini fundraiser to rebuild the dorm and classrooms below. The fire that started due to faulty electrical started on Sunday at 2 pm one week ago.

In two days h.o.w? Ministry was able to collect 100 pounds of clothing and shoes and $800. Keziah and I were humbled to present the donations on behalf of our donors in Cape Girardeau. More photos to come next week.

Oct. 26, 2015 –  On Sunday before we attended the fundraiser for Tumaini Children’s Home and School, we had an appointment to meet with Kimani’s maternal grandmother or CuCu ( pronounced “sho sho” in Swahili). Keziah and Moses, the director of Children’s Garden, had been twice to meet her and she never showed up. They had been calling and she would not answer. But finally she did and agreed to meet.

12191785_921080517927663_3428925323082881422_nShe showed up!! We needed a copy of her Kenyan ID for paperwork to file for Kimani’s passport and visa. She gave it to us. Praise God!

She explained the reason she would not answer calls and was hiding. She thought she might be jailed for not caring for the children or she thought she was going to be required to take care of Kimani. In a most desperate plea, she said she had no resources.

David and Keziah kindly explained that was not why they were there, that they we just trying to get the needed paperwork so Kimani can have access to the best care.

Trust was built this day. And a CuCu was able to see her young grandson for the first time in 3 years. She was invited and wants to come to Nairobi to see the other 5 grandchildren who live at Children’s Garden.

Thank you God for this loving CuCu who showed up for her grandson.

– Michelle Outman

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