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Going up! Our new h.o.w? Ministry headquarters in Kinangop

Our 2016 Safari Soirée raised $30,000, enough for us to begin construction on a new building that will serve as our Kenya headquarters for h.o.w? Ministry and a place for our women to gather for prayer and fellowship. It will also be a working entrepreneurial facility.

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‘Home’ to Kinangop

Coming “home” to Kinangop, the high country plateau where our h.o.w? Ministry widows live, is always a happy affair as team members who have been before are reunited with the women and children who have won their hearts, and new team members are quickly surrounded and embraced.

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Update: CuCu

CuCu, the oldest of the h.o.w? widows and one the funniest, too, is hospitalized, and we are glad to hear she is improving.

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