2017 virtual safari soiree - giraffe Photo by Katie Treadway on Unsplash

Announcing our second Safari Soirée: This time, it’s virtual!

Please join us for our second annual Safari Soirée! This year, it's a virtual fundraiser December 1-31, 2017,  to help us expand our women's empowerment program in the rural Kinangop Plateau of Kenya.

Your participation will help us help more women like Mary Muthoni Munga, whose transformation since 2015 is nothing short of astonishing. With some support from h.o.w? Ministry she has become a sought-after tailor and seamstress who is now better able to provide for her special-needs son Sammy.

Mary has helped other women in the group learn to sew, including Milkah Njeri Karuga. Milkah has blossomed since joining h.o.w? Ministry to become a woman beaming with confidence, grace and beauty that shines through disfiguring burns she suffered as a child. She sews, tills land, and washes clothes to support her daughter, Taylor.

From left, seamstresses Milkah, Cecilia, Mary, and Jane gather up donated fabric that our team brought from the U.S. to the 2017 ARISE Women's Conference last January.

Your donation will also help us finish and furnish our new h.o.w? Ministry headquarters, provide ongoing guidance and support for our 31 participating women, and help us implement opportunities including a promising new sheep, wool and weaving initiative to help them attain financial security for themselves and their families.

Our new headquarters is also ideally situated and now large enough to attract tourists traveling between the Great Rift Valley to the west and the stunning Aberdare mountain range and national park to the east.

Last year, our first Safari Soirée raised $30,000 – enough for us to build! –  and this year we thought we'd continue that effort but without the associated costs and investment in time and effort during this busy holiday season.

Because it's a virtual event, you don't have to purchase a ticket or drinks, bid on anything in our silent auction, become a sponsor, figure out what to wear, or spend an evening with us (okay, we will miss that!).

Our goal for 2017 is to exceed last year's total with an amount that will both surprise and delight our women, establish a foundation for ongoing training and enrichment, and help us become a focal point for the Kinangop community as we expand our women's empowerment program to help our women succeed and become role models for others.

Construction began in September for our new multipurpose building on land adjacent to the original one-room building constructed about 2006. Our new, larger  facility will include a multipurpose room, an office, indoor restrooms, and a porch. The land was dedicated, ground was broken, and before we knew it, the roof was up!

We can't wait to see it up close and personal as we take our team to Kinangop for the ARISE Women's Conference in January 2018. We will dedicate the building at that time and hold the 4th annual conference at our own facility for the first time.

The first ARISE women's conference was held at Panorama Lodge in Naivasha for half of our women in 2015, the second for the remaining half of the group in 2016 at the tented Camp Chemi Chemi near Nairobi, and the third at a rented space in Kinangop for all 31 participating h.o.w? women in 2017.

The h.o.w. widows shower our team with virtual flower petals as part of their greeting at the 2017 ARISE Women's Conference at a rented space in Kinangop last January.

At the 2018 conference, we'll hold enrichment sessions and activities that will include teaching participants how to care for sheep, how to shear and card wool, and how to spin wool into yarn.  We want to send at least two of the women on to a special weaving workshop with training on a loom we hope to purchase for the facility. We also plan to use some of the money we raise to set up a scholarship fund to help pay for that and other vocational training opportunities.

Here's a breakdown of how your year-end tax-deductible donation to our virtual Safari Soirée can help:

  • $50 will provide 5 chairs
  • $80 will provide 1 sheep
  • $100 will provide a spinning wheel (These aren't the Rumplestiltskin variety. Today's spinning wheels make use of repurposed aluminum bicycle wheels!)
  • $250 will provide a treadle-powered sewing machine that runs without electricity.
  • $500 will provide a double gate for our compound to help keep us secure.
  • $750 will send 1 woman to a 4-month weaving workshop/ training program in the Nairobi area (includes cost of training plus travel, room and board).
  • $1,000 will provide a hand-made large wooden loom our women will be using to make scarves, rugs, placemats, table runners, and other hand-loomed goods.
  • Any amount will also help us with other one-time or ongoing costs that include fencing, water, electricity, tables, office furnishings, and initial supplies.


We envision a place where women can gather for support and fellowship; get training and inspiration to help them start successful businesses that empower them with the means to provide for their families; and where tourists can stop to purchase our quality, handmade goods (and also get a drink of clean water or take a potty break)."

Please partner with us as we take the next step in our mission!

Your tax-deductible receipt will automatically be emailed to you as soon as you complete your payment.

Below are some photos of our in-country coordinator Keziah Murugi Kariuki supervising the construction under way at our new headquarters. Also pictured is one of the h.o.w? widows, Rose Waithera Ndung’u, and one of the workers helping with construction. The photos were taken by Keziah's husband, David.

Donate now!


2017 Virtual Safari Soirée donation form

Use this form to make an online donation for our Safari Soirée using a credit card. Or, mail in your check payable to h.o.w? Ministry to: Michelle Outman, 465 Bristle Ridge, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Photo at top:
Katie Treadway

2017 conference photos and text by Julie Wolpers

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