Day 1: Our January 2019 mission team arrives in Nairobi

Team of 12 deals with missing luggage, gets a warm welcome at Children's Garden, and helps make 200+ rounds of chapati.

By Michelle Outman


We arrived New Year's Eve at 10 pm to find that 19 out of the 35 of our 50-pound checked pieces of luggage were missing.

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast at Heart Lodge and went to Children’s Garden, a school for 300 and residence for 150 children in Nairobi. Snaida, a former student who is now a teacher at Children's Garden,  gave the tour to the team and of course the children put in a display of their talents. 

The team helped make 200+ rounds of chapati bread for a special lunch -- stew over rice. Mum Sylvia made the team a delicious lunch. 

David, Keziah, Jamie, and I headed back to the airport and retrieved the 19 pieces of luggage. Thank you, Jesus! 

We returned to Children’s Garden and visited a bit, then Kimani (a Children's Garden student with special health and nutritional needs whom we have been taking extra special care of the past few years) went back with us to Heart Lodge. 

The team crashed early tonight and tomorrow we meet for breakfast at 7:15 and leave at 8 am for Maji Mazuri, a residence and school for children with special needs. In the afternoon, we will return to Children’s Garden and paint the fellowship hall.


Michelle Outman is h.o.w? Ministry's executive director. She is a pastor/minister, missionary, and the mother of 4 children including twin sons adopted from Ethiopia.