Day 3: Play, clay, paint, and school pictures

There is nothing more contagious than the zeal for life these children have, and I could not be more thankful that I get to witness it.

By Carolyn Murad


We began the day with breakfast at 8:00am followed by a devotional by Rebekah. 

After this, we loaded up in the bus and headed off to Maji Mazuri where we got to spend more time with the children there. We brought them toothbrushes and more toys and unloaded them for the kids. After we brought the donations in we jumped right in to play with the children and all of their new toys. 

We brought two clay crosses with us today to Maji Mazuri and got each of the children’s fingerprints and placed them on the crosses with paint. We put their names by each fingerprint and followed this by adding the fingerprints and names of each team member. (We'll bring back the painted clay crosses and have them fired at Creative Ewe, a local kiln in Cape Girardeau, Mo. The fingerprint pottery is a h.o.w? Ministry tradition.) We continued to take Polaroids of the children and play with them and their new toys. 

Around 11:00 am we said goodbye to our friends at Maji Mazuri and headed to Children’s Garden for a full afternoon of painting. When we arrived, the children were beginning their first day of school and many of them ran to greet us in their uniforms.

Half of our team got right to work with our first project of painting the windows for privacy in the boy’s dormitory and in fellowship hall, where the children spend a lot of their time playing and being together. 

The other half of our team began to work on the school's 5th yearbook. This yearbook is special because it allows the kids to see who they are growing up with and how they have changed through the years. The team set to the task of taking class photos and a photo of each individual child. The kids here love and cherish their education and when asked their favorite subject they always have an answer. 

These past few days have flown by due to the radiating joy the kids have from the Lord. There is nothing more contagious than the zeal for life these children have, and I could not be more thankful that I get to witness it.


Carolyn Murad is a sophomore studying economics and supply chain management at the University of Arkansas. She is also vice president of member development for the Arkansas Alpha Chapter of the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women. Their chapter raised funds last year for our water tank and guttering system at our Women's Empowerment Centre in Kinangop. 


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