Day 2: Maji Mazuri, Amani ya Juu and Children’s Garden

A beautiful day with exceptional children, lunch and a tour of a women's workshop, then back to Children's Garden

By Michelle Outman


We had an inspiring devotional led by Paeton at breakfast. It’s another beautiful sunny day.

We began the day hearing about the history and mission of Maji Mazuri from Gladys, who is a resident house mom here. Gladys gave us a wonderful tour of the home and school for exceptional children. Many of the children are gone because of the new year and some are recovering and healing in the hospital from having corrective surgery. 

While children were having breakfast of porridge and bread, we presented our donations to the director of the school and home.  We were blessed to donate 2 child-size walkers and a nice therapeutic mobile chair, toothbrush kits and scrubs for the caregivers from Dr. Jayne Scherrman’s office, shoes, socks, towels, and blankets, and many developmental toys such as puzzles, shape sorters, lacing blocks, Legos, cars, balls and bubbles. We took some Polaroid photos, and Janet led us in teaching the children a song, “Jesus Be a Fence.”

We stopped for lunch at Amani ya Juu (peace from above) to eat and tour the women’s empowerment workshop here. Maggie gave us a wonderful greeting and welcomed each team member with a hug. The team enjoyed learning about the embroidery, sewing, quilting , tie-dying and dress making the women are taught here. Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch of salads, chicken tacos, wraps, soups and of course cinnamon rolls and cookies. 

Our next stop was Children’s Garden, where we finalized the painting project and gutter repair on the fellowship hall that we will begin tomorrow. The team enjoyed playing soccer, jumping rope and getting their hair styled by the school girls. 

Eliza and MacKenzie summed up the day as “beautiful." This team is showing up present and willing to take the leap each day to serve the least of these. It’s an honor to serve among them.


Michelle Outman is h.o.w? Ministry's executive director. She is a pastor/minister, missionary, and the mother of 4 children including twin sons adopted from Ethiopia. 

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  1. Ruth Ann Orr on January 3, 2019 at 11:50 am

    Beautiful day. Beautiful serving!